Shared Digital tip jar

From clients to your staff. Tips are instantly split and distributed via TackPay.

No credit card required

Keep your corporate books clean, keep your staff happy

No responsibility or loss of time for the company. Everyone receive their tips instantly on their TackPay profile. Employees have a private dashboard where enter their personal data, bank account etc


Receive tips as a team

Manage tips on your way

Invite staff into your tip jars, customise your corporate image and receive appreciation from customers. Create several different jars for different areas or rooms

Automatic division

Automatic tip sharing

Define the division rules of your team. You can let the customer choose who to reward or decide that each tip will be divided equally. No matter what rule you set, customers will always be able to express their opinion: you will know who is most appreciated, but financially, tips will be divided according to your logic


Team management

Add, remove, pause member

The manager of the tip jar will be able to add or remove team members. To avoid distributing tips to the absent team members you can simply pause them. They will not be shown on the tip page and they will not receive tips

No card machines, no mistrusts

We call it tip freedom

The money is processed as donations. The distribution of tips is handled by our algorithm directly on the app. Each profile independently and directly accesses their tips as soon as they are processed by the platform. Each member decides when to withdraw them to their bank account.

3 different rules:

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Shared Jar Tip Flow

10£ Tip

Customer live a tip and cover the fees

TackPay platform

Tip - fees & divisions

5£ Paul


5£ Marie





Sign up and create your jar(s)

Create a profile, customize your profile and add your colleagues to a tip jar. We recommend this approach to offer the best agility and transparency to employees and customers

Invite the staff in your virtual jar

Simply share the invite link and each person will receive tips on their profile. Everyone will have a private dasboard from where they can withdraw money and see feedback and comments collected with the tips

Place the QR code in a clear and visible way

You can print the QR codes generated in the app and you can insert them into your branded assests. Put your profile link on every digital communication you have with the customers and... be creative ! Your tips rely on this

Boost your tips today

Show your customers a simple and effective way to say thank you.

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