How to create a profile

Create your digital tip jar

Follow the steps below and set up the virtual tip jar for your venue

The right tip jar.

Private or shared?

It's easy! Shared if you want your staff to receive tips instantly, private if you are the only one collecting tips for the venue


Follow these steps

Be up and running in 5 minutes


Sign up

1. Create a 'Team' profile

Go on or download the app and sign up as a Team


Be creative

2. Customise your profile

Insert your company logo or staff's photo and a cool quote


Invite (for shared jars only)

3. Invite your colleagues

If you have chosen the "private" jar you can skip to step 6. Invite your colleagues to be part of the shared jar. Send them the invitation link and as soon as they are registered as TIPPED they will be inside the digital tip jar. More jars? Create them with new names, new members, new rules 😎


Splitting rules

4. Individual or pooling?

Tips are instantly splitted by our algorithm. Do you share them equally between the staff or do you accept them also individually? Go to jar settings and choose between these 2 rules. We are already working on new functions


Be clear

5. Explain to your colleagues how does it work

Each worker will have a virtual wallet on TackPay where manage tips and withdraw them...they only have to enter their bank account !


No QR, No party

6. Place the QR code

Print the QR code, DO IT NOW !
The most important thing is that the customer can see the QR code... your tips depends on this !

Advise your staff to add a picture... it increases the chances of receiving a tip by 90% !


You did it

7. Your tip pot is ready !

Congratulations ! You've created TackPay digital tip jar for receiving tips directly and cashlessly

Boost your tips today

Show your customers a simple and effective way to say thank you.

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