FAQs - TackPay

Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is TackPay?

Who is TackPay?

Why TackPay?

What is cashless tipping?

How to leave a tip without cash+video

What is e-tipping?

Is your country available?

Frequently Asked Questions - Customer (tipper)

How can I leave a tip with TackPay?

How can I figure out if a venue does have TackPay?

Do I need to download an app to tip?

How much does the worker receive when I leave a tip?

Does my tip always reach the profile I selected?

How much does Tackpay cost?

Are the tips fixed or can I choose the amount?

Can I just leave feedback?

Can I tip and give a negative feedback?

I wanto to tip someone who does not have TackPay. What should I do?

My phone cannot scan the QR code

Frequently Asked Questions - Team

How does TackPay for teams work?

How can I create a shared tip jar for my team?

How can I create a private tip jar for my team?

Why do I have to create a private jar and not a tipped profile?

Wich tips splitting rule I should use?

Wich QR code should I print out?

Receive tips (or not) managing a shared tip jar

I manage multiple staffs/locations

I have multiple locations or venues

I want TackPay in my venue, what should I do?

How do my customers understand that they can leave digital tips?

How do my customers understand that they can leave digital tips?

How much does TackPay for businesses cost?

What can Tipped users see within the jar?

Can the BOH (kitchen staff) participate in the division of tips?

What is the difference between my personal QR Code and the team's QR Code?

How is it possible to divide tips?

Do I have to do something to manage tips fiscally?

Do tips have to be declared?

Frequently Asked Questions - Tipped

How can I receive tips from people paying with credit cards?

How do I receive tips with TackPay?

How do I show my QR code to someone who wants to tip me?

How do customers know about TackPay?

Do I have to dowload an app?

When can I withdraw my tips?

Why do I need to verify my identity?

What if I already have tips on my balance and can't validate my identity document? Why can' t I change the country?

Why is my social sequirty number required?

How much does TackPay charge?

Can I split tips with my team members?

Why do I get a fraction of the tip?

What is Feedback? What do I need it for?

Who can see feedback and comments?

I am a street artist, or someone other than a waiter, bartender, etc. Can I use TackPay?

Is it possible to show my social channels?

Do I need to pay to use TackPay?

Do tips have to be declared?

Payment processing costs

Understandingpayment provider fees

TackPay uses the safest and most efficient system in the world. TackPay is obliged to collect market standard fees for the payment provider and does not profit from this. Our wish is to negotiate ever lower rates for the benefit of our users. As our community grows, this will become easier and easier.

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Credit card's costs

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Leaving a tip


1, 4%+0, 25


2, 9%+0, 25

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