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Private Tip Jar

One profile

Only one linked bank account. Receive feedback as a facility. Perfect for family-run businesses, staff who handle tips in a special way, managers who want to have control over tips, companies who want to send tips to their accounting system and split the tips into payroll.


Shared Tip Jar

One admin, more tippeds

Everyone adds their own bank account from their private dashboard. Receive feedback as a facility or as an individual. Perfect for businesses with multiple staff members, staff handling tips in a fair and transparent way, staff managers who want to have a motivated team always ready to receive tips, companies who want to automate the tipping process and avoid tips entering the company accounts.


Multi Tip Jar

One admin, more locations or staffs

Each tip jar can be set as private or shared. You can create multiple jars and add different members for each one. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations, large and segmented staff, for those who want to let the customer decide the appropriate area to reward. Tips are distributed according to set logic.

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Receive digital tips individually

Tips are collected as an individual as well as feedback. Perfect for individual workers, artists, street performers, bellboys, tour guides, hosts.

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