Private digital tip jar

Receive all the tips for your staff or for your company in a single bank account

No credit card required

One man show

Tips will go directly to TackPay without going through your company accounts. You can withdraw them by entering your bank details. All tips will be paid to a single bank account.


Receive tips as a business

Business design

If you manage the tips of a business and you are the only person to receive them, a private tip jar allows you to collect tips as a company and to show your customers your business name and logo.


Marketing tool

Features for your company growth

Guide your satisfied customers to your social channels or ask them for a review!


Total flexibility

Have you changed your mind and want a shared jar?

No problem, you can easily switch from one profile to another. Just add a person to your jar to switch to a shared tip jar

Tip flow

Your company's accounts are totally unlinked.

The money is processed as donations. You decide whether to cash them as a private individual into your personal account or into your corporate bank account.

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Private Jar Tip Flow


Customer live a tip throug our QR code or link

TackPay platform

Tip - fees

Your TackPay account

Tip available to be withdrawn



Sign up and create your jar(s)

Create a private jar if there is just one person in charge of the tips

Place the QR code in a clear and visible way

You can print the QR codes generated in the app and you can insert them into your branded assests. Put your profile link on every digital communication you have with the customers and... be creative ! Your tips rely on this

Boost your tips today

Show your customers a simple and effective way to say thank you.

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