How to show QR code

Turn every service into a tip

Communicates the presence of TackPay in a simple way

Beautiful designs

to help you shine.

We have hand-crafted beautiful designs with your QR code that will help you communicate your digital tip jar.



No limits to your creativity

You will have ready-to-print templates and a QR code to place wherever you like


QR code

Menù, cards, receipts

Once you have registered, you can get your QR code and place it according to your preferences.


Be creative

Customise as you like

Place the QR code personally in your branded elements. ADVICE: send your QR code to your graphic designer so that they can place it on your corporate elements (business cards, WI-FI instructions, stickers, delivery boxes etc.).



A tip in a click

Your personal link allows you to direct customers directly to your Tip Jar. Place it into your digital communication: emails, website or social media to get better engagement. ADVICE: delivery? Customise the order confirmation with your TackPay link.

Boost your tips today

Show your customers a simple and effective way to say thank you.

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  • TackPay is an innovative Startup registered in the business register of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce VAT number 02586000990

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