Cashless tipping solution

Receive digital tips as a busker or street performer

Show your QR and start accepting tips, forget about hardware and set-up costs.

Accept donations

for your performance

Print your QR code and place it wherever you want. Anyone can tip in no time just scanning it


A QR code to collect all your appreciations

TackPay allows customers to leave a cashless donation to you or your group. With the clear visual reminder to tip, it is even easier to boost the gratitude of your audience.


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1. Create a profile to collect tips

We are by your side to enable you to make money from your art. Collect tips on your secure e-wallet. You will know immediately if someone has left you a tip, and you will find it available and ready to be withdrawn within a few days after the payment has been processed, verified, and made available by our world-leading payment and security provider 🌍.

Be creative

2. Customise your profile

Insert your best photo, your bio and add your custom username



3. Download your QR code and use it asap

Print your QR code and place it at your performance venue, on your tickets, posters or add your tipping URL link to your digital communication... your tips depends on this!

Receive tips digitally

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